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New Micro Budget Filmmaking Collective, starts January 16th in Sydney!

A 6-week workshop to learn about and create your own original content.
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Other Classes:

Learn Online

An 8 week online course on how to produce, market and sell your own Micro Budget Feature Film. Available worldwide with life-time access.

Learn In Person

The 2-Day

2-Day Micro Budget Filmmaking Class

2-Day weekend class that takes you through a complete model for producing your own Micro Budget Feature Film. Only available in Australia.

What is Micro Budget Film School?

"An Approach to Feature Filmmaking that is Achievable and Affordable for Anyone"

John Magee, AFTRS graduate.

Bradley Stevens
Founder of Micro Budget Film School

How many filmmakers does it take to change a lightbulb?


1 to change the lightbulb, and 99 to criticise and say "I could have done it better if only I had the funding!"

For many, many years, I have watched sensational filmmaking talent go to waste.

I’ve seen multi-award winning filmmakers struggle to do anything more than make a short film once a year.

I’ve heard them speak with such passion about the feature films they want to make, but struggle to find a real opportunity to apply that passion and create the works they dream of.

The reasons are always so similar:

  • I need funding... but the money always goes to established filmmakers
  • I need to be successful first... then I can attract investors
  • I need a good producer...  so I can just focus on the creative part

So I decided to do something about it...

How to produce, market & sell a film you can afford

My name is Brad, and I'm the founder of Micro Budget Film School.

After years of research, interviews, and bloody hard work, I put together the 2-Day Micro Budget Filmmaking Class, a 'super crash-course' into the business strategies for launching successful Micro Budget Films-- films made for anywhere between $5k and $250k. This has recently been expanded into The Feature Filmmaker Program, an 8 week online course that takes you from concept, to financing, to producing and distributing a feature film.

So... What are people saying about these courses?

Kitty Hopwood

Kitty Hopwood

Assistant Director


This class gave me real tools and a broad-spectrum understanding of how to actually create my project, from concept through to distribution. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone with any interest in film. You won’t regret it.

Noel Vinson



Brad speaks about the stuff they don't go into in Film School. If someone is serious about filmmaking, this will arm them with the knowledge they need to be a true auteur. Do it! It's definitely worth it!


Andreas Toumbas



This class is a no-frills insight into the importance of making a micro budget feature film. Bradley is very passionate and teaches the class in a way that leaves you feeling motivated.

With heaps of information logically squeezed into the class, it's designed to give filmmakers the maximum 'Return on Investment' for their time.

The class unpacks into an entire feature film plan, structured around a Micro Budget.

There’s no point studying the big blockbuster films when we will never be able to make them until we get started on cheaper, smaller scale films! Even the legends we look up today began small...

Christopher Nolan’s first feature film: $6000.

Darren Aronofsky’s first: $60,000.

Kevin Smith’s: $27,000.

It’s a whole different style of filmmaking, and it’s called: “Micro Budget Filmmaking”.

Micro Budget Filmmaking trims the fat.

It’s about making thrilling cinema that stands it’s ground in a forest of big-budget garbage, despite being made for a fraction of the price. Films people are hungry for and will talk about... but it's about doing it without getting the hottest hollywood star.

And today, I'd like to help you get started.

I want to share exclusive filmmaking training, tips and tools with you, sent straight to your inbox. This isn't spam: it's valuable strategies and insights, reserved only for subscribers.

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...I'll throw in the FREE Micro Budget Film Producer Pack, which consists of 3 eBooks, including:

Film Producer 3 Pack
  • Micro Budget Screenwriting Method: How to reverse-engineer an affordable screenplay
  • How to Get Money to Make Your Film: The Overlooked Method to finding investors willing to give 
  • The Sellers Guide to Distributing Your Film: How to attract Distributors and find Audiences that want to buy

“It's a great time to be a filmmaker starting out. Back when I was starting, even a low budget film required hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now it could be done for virtually nothing. I encourage you to make movies and keep making them."

Hollywood Director

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