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Josh Magee

"...teaches an approach to feature filmmaker that is achievable and affordable for anyone"

Josh Magee: AFTRS Graduate & Micro Budget Film School student

How can you make a feature film if you haven't got any money?

  • I need to get funding for my movie idea... but no-one will give me a chance!"
  • All the money goes to well-known filmmakers... so how am I supposed to get anything made?"
  • I just want to make my own films and get distribution for them... but it's too expensive!"
Permission to Film your Movie

Sometimes being a successful filmmaker can seem impossible...

"Hi, I'm Brad, the founder of Micro Budget Film School"

If you consider yourself a filmmaker (or you want to), you've already had thoughts just like these ones above. You love film: talking about it, watching it, making it... but you also know that feature length films are expensive. They can cost millions of dollars! And no-one is going to offer that kind of money to you, not until you've already made amazing films.

So you feel stuck.

It's the chicken & the egg: You need money to make a feature film, but you need to make feature films to attract money.

It can seem so cruel: The film industry favours people that are already established, whilst leaving newer filmmakers like you with no way to move forward, no chance to get ahead, and no opportunity to prove you are worth the investment.

So instead, you resign yourself to making maybe corporate videos, or someone else's films, or just dreaming about what you wish you could make...

But that's not what drew you to filmmaking, is it?
  • check
    You want to make films that matter to you
  • check
    You want to tell your stories
  • check
    You want to create films you are proud of

But more than anything... you don't want to give up. Because you know that's what most filmmakers do.

This is what you love.

You've felt the power of incredible cinema, when you leave a movie theatre and feel like your life has been changed by what happened on screen. You've cried, trembled, laughed and gotten mad at the movie screen... and now you want to make an audience feel that way.

Because Cinema is powerful.

But... that power seems to only be granted to a lucky few...

The Legendary Filmmakers look like they're having all the fun, making fully-funded films that sell, getting paid heaps, and having the time of their lives... whilst you are stuck with a lack of funding, dreaming about the films you one day want to make ... but can't afford.

But here's the thing...

All Legendary Filmmakers Were Once Just Like You:
No money. No support. No opportunity.

Gareth Edwards’ first feature film ‘Monsters’ cost a rumoured $15k to shoot. After the film's success, he was asked to direct the $160 million ‘Godzilla’ remake. [Image copyright Vertigo Films]

I know you know this... but let me make it extra clear:

Every film legend you look up to, every successful filmmaker, every academy award winning director... they were once just like you. They started at the bottom, with no reputation, no opportunity. They were unknown. No-one would invest in them either, or give them money to make the films they dreamed of.

So how did they get where they are now?

Well, the vast majority of those filmmakers kickstarted their careers by doing the same thing... 

And it's something you should do too...

The Solution? A Micro Budget Feature Film

Micro Budget Filmmaking is lean. It's resourceful, trims the fat, and it's effective for getting films made at affordable prices.

And dare I say it: It's necessary.

If you trace back the career of most successful filmmakers, you'll see that the moment that set them apart from just being another film enthusiast was a micro budget feature film.

What is a Micro Budget Film?

A Micro Budget Film is a feature length film (90+ minutes) that is strategically designed to be affordable to produce. Although industry professionals consider a Micro Budget as about $250k maximum, the Feature Filmmaker Program shows you how it can be done for $5k – $50k including how to get that money.

It doesn’t require investors, and it doesn’t require selling your soul. What it does need though, is a clear understanding of how the film business works, including how to sell a film regardless of what it cost.

Christopher Nolan famously made his first feature film, 'The Following', on a micro budget of $6k, and used it to create the opportunity for his next film, 'Momento'. [Image copyright Next Wave Films]

Why Make a Micro Budget Film?

It’s fun to watch multimillion dollar blockbusters and to dream about making them. But no filmmaker ever gets the chance to make those films until they’ve proven what they can do with small budgets. If you look at the careers of any established filmmaker, you’ll notice that they almost always start out by making Micro Budget Films.

  • Before Darren Aronofsky made 'Black Swan', he started by making 'Pi' for $60k
  • Before Christopher Nolan made 'Inception', he started by making 'The Following' for $6k
  • Before Lena Dunham made the hit TV show 'Girls', she made 'Tiny Furniture' for $50k
  • Before Kevin Smith made 'Chasing Amy', he made 'Clerks' for $27k

Time and time again, making a micro budget feature film has been a necessary step in a filmmaker's journey. It's their first film that is financially viable. That can get distribution. That gets attention. That sells.

And you simply cannot go about it the same way you would if you had a multi-million dollar budget.

In fact, 98% of students of Micro Budget Film School ticked ‘Strongly Agree’ to the statement: “making film on a small budget is a necessary stage for career filmmakers”. And this belief is backed many great filmmakers:

"The best advice I can offer… is not to wait for the system to finance your projects and for others to decide your fate. If you can’t afford to make a million-dollar film, raise $10,000 and produce it yourself.

Werner Herzog,
Legendary German Director

"It’s a great time to be a filmmaker starting out. Back when I was starting, even a low budget film required hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now it can be done for virtually nothing. I encourage you to make movies and keep making them”

Jon Favreau,
Legendary Hollywood Director

So, if it is so important... how do you do it affordably?

Micro Budget Film School Presents:

An 8 Week Online Course on how to Plan, Produce, Market
and Distribute your own Micro Budget Feature Film

Lifetime Access only $347 
...Or $47 weekly / 8 weeks!

Enrolments close in:

What Is The Feature Filmmaker Program?

Feature Filmmaker is a brand new 8 week online course that teaches you exactly what to do to get your own Micro Budget Feature Film produced, marketed and distributed.

The 8 Week Program focusses specifically on the business of filmmaking. The first 4 weeks define everything you need to prepare your Micro Budget Film, including calculating costs, legal agreements, and how to get your production money. The last 4 weeks focus on what to do once you've completed your film, including how to market your film, get distribution, and what returns you can expect from selling your film.

Yes, you can make your own affordable feature film, and this program will show you exactly how.

Feature Filmmaker will take you carefully and systematically through the Micro Budget Model, a reusable step-by-step production template that all filmmakers can use to make affordable films and sell them to audiences. This model is a skeleton template for an entire feature film production on a budget of less than $50k, including how to get your production money

Feature Filmmaker will teach you the 12 different funding options legally available to filmmakers, and includes a pre-filled financing plan so you can meet your budget.

Lena Dunham made 'Tiny Furniture' for only $65k, which got her a blind script deal with HBO and Judd Apatow's support to make hit TV series 'Girls' [Distributed by IFC Films]

How Does It Work?

Feature Filmmaker is divided into 8 weekly modules, accessible within an exclusive students-only website.

Each module includes 3 video lectures, approximately 30 - 40 minutes long. That's 24 course videos for a total of 13 + hours. The program also includes downloadable document templates, pre-filled with information for your Micro Budget Feature Film.

Feature Filmmaker is designed for busy people, who can't afford to drop everything to study. The course is fully online and mobile compatible, which means it's available for you to watch at your own pace, so long as you have internet access to stream the videos.

By Joining Feature Filmmaker, you will get:


Lifetime Access to 24 comprehensive Video Lessons, totalling 13+ Hours of step-by-step training.


Exclusive Access to the Members Only Website to track your progression through the course, and your own personal profile.


Downloadable production documents, including a financing plan and calendars with pre-filled examples from the template.

How Much Work is Involved?

Since time is a concern for many people, Feature Filmmaker is built to be efficient and require very little work. The goal of the program is not to teach you about the unnecessary extras that don't apply to your film. Instead, it's a streamlined program focussed exclusively on Micro Budget Filmmaking. Watching the new video lessons each week will complete the program in 8 weeks.

But if that doesn't suit your schedule, don't worry: You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and can go at your own pace, and revisit the course as you need.

There are no assignments, only suggested minor research tasks you will want to do for your film. Why? You want to make your own film. Your time is best spent developing and planning that film, not submitting arbitrary assignments.

Pay only $47 today!

How Do I Know it's Good?

Over the last 2 years, this training has been taught, refined and tested in an intense weekend class that has been met with extraordinary responses. This was delivered in a classroom atmosphere, face-to-face with students. Every single student was given feedback forms and invited to share their thoughts, for the purpose of improving the class.

With a 99% "Would Highly Recommend" rating, the common criticism from students was that there was almost too much valuable content... but they didn't want any of it removed either! Thus the evolution of the 8 week course.

The Feature Filmmaker Program is an expanded version of these in-person workshops. The content is significantly improved, far more thorough, and includes downloadable templates, plenty of visuals, graphics, slides and reference material.

Here is what students have said about the in-person class:

Kitty Hopwood

"The Best Class of It's Kind I Have Attended!"

"This class gave me real tools and a broad understanding of how to actually create my film, from concept through to distribution. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone with an interest in film!"

Kitty Hopwood: 1st AD for Feature Film 'Rough Stuff'


"The stuff they don't go into in Film School. If someone is serious about filmmaking, this will arm them with the knowledge they need to be a true auteur. Do it!"

Noel Vinson: Filmmaker and Graduate of QLD school of Film & TV

Hayden Fryer


"Fantastic workshop presenting a great overview of development, production and distribution options for Micro Budget Filmmaking"

Hayden Fryer: Filmmaker & Micro Budget Film School student

The Importance of Doing it Right

The problem emerging filmmakers face is that simply throwing together the cheapest film you can without any sort of strategy isn't going to find you any success. You risk producing another lacklustre film like many before you that fails to find an audience and is money misspent, wasting $10k, $20k or $50k+, whatever your micro budget may be.

At a bare minimum, you need a business plan and an understanding of how to target film distributors - and all of this is covered in Feature Filmmaker. On top of that, you need to understand which costs can be cut without sacrificing quality, and which can't. There is a lot more to it than just getting a film together and "putting it out there to see what happens", and Feature Filmmaker will provide you with all the necessary tools to do it right.

Oscar winner Darren Aronofsky began his career with feature film ‘Pi’, made for only $60k, which sold for $3.2 million in USA alone! [Image copyright Protozoa Pictures]

What You Will Learn:

This class focuses on the business of being a filmmaker and will include everything from:

  • The cheapest way to start your production company
  • How to design a film story that suits a micro budget
  • An easy approach to negotiating cast & crew agreements
  • Scheduling and budgeting efficiently
  • The 12 ways to legally get your production money
  • How to sell your film
  • Building Hype: affordable film marketing
  • Festival entry strategies
  • Attracting and signing with distributors
  • Understanding film sale cashflow
  • Self-Distribution Methods

Pay only $47 today!

Is this Course for me?

This class is designed to suit the limited resources of an emerging filmmaker early in their career. It is recommended attendees have some experience in filmmaking since the class assumes a basic knowledge of production workflow, but this is not a requirement.

You do not require a script or story idea either. The class includes a development guide to help you devise a story suited to the Micro Budget Model. This is the stuff they don't teach in film school but is invaluable for an emerging filmmaker.

Ngaire O'Leary


"A comprehensive & practical look at how to budget, fund and find an audience for your micro budget film. If you are figuring out how to finance your micro budget film and how to market & distribute it, this is a very useful class!"

Ngaire O'Leary: Graduate of WAAPA and Sydney Film School

Justina Ward


"This course will inspire you to believe in yourself and make you realise you can and have to be the one to start your own career."

Justina Ward: Film Producer & WAAPA Graduate



"One of the most important classes a filmmaker can take to jump that ship from short films into features. This class is a no-frills insight into the importance of making a micro budget feature film."

Andreas Toumbas: Micro Budget Film School student

Take a look at the included lessons:
Modules 1 - 4 prepare you to make your film...

MODULE 1: Development
"Learn to Tailor a Film to Suit a Micro Budget"
Included Videos:

Total: 1hr 30

  • The Importance of Making a Micro Budget Film (29 mins)
  • How to Make a Film That Sells (39 mins)
  • Keeping Costs Low and Quality High (22 mins)
MODULE 2: Legal
"Discover how to legally protect your film"
Included Videos:

Total: 1hr 28

  • Legally Protecting Yourself and Your Film (24 mins)
  • Where to Get Your Contracts & Agreements (23 mins)
  • Finding Cast, Crew and Locations You Can Afford (41 mins)
MODULE 3: Scheduling & Budgeting
"Refine Your Template Schedule & Budget"
Included Videos:

Total: 2hr 10

  • A Template Schedule for Your Film (22 mins)
  • Calculating The Budget For Your Film (50 mins)
  • Running an Efficient Film Shoot (58 mins)
MODULE 4: Film Financing
"Discover a financing plan to get production funds"
Included Videos:

Total: 1hr 30

  • The 12 Ways to Finance Your Feature Film (34 mins)
  • Creating a Financing Strategy That Works (33 mins)
  • Your Step-By-Step Film Financing Plan (31 mins)

Modules 5 - 8 cover what to do after completing your film.

MODULE 5: Distribution
"Learn about Distribution Deals and Cash Flow"
Included Videos:

Total: 2hr 15

  • Understanding the Business of Film Distribution (38 mins)
  • Breaking Apart Distribution Agreements (59 mins)
  • Using Music that you Can Distribute (38 mins)
MODULE 6: Marketing
"Create a marketing plan for your film"
Included Videos:

Total: 1hr 38

  • Preparing your Pre-Sale Marketing Campaign (46 mins)
  • Generating Hype for Your Film (28 mins)
  • How to Attract Publicity & Media Coverage  (24 mins)
MODULE 7: Film Festivals
"Attract attention with your film at festivals"
Included Videos:

Total: 1hr 57

  • Generating Your Film Festival Strategy (41 mins)
  • Increasing Your Chances at Film Festivals (39 mins)
  • How to Make The Most of Your Festival Run (37 mins)
MODULE 8: Self-Distribution
"Learn how to sell directly to paying audiences"
Included Videos:

Total: 1hr 20

  • Self-Distributing Your Film (28 mins)
  • Alternate Ways to Monetise Your Film (26 mins)
  • Advancing onwards to bigger films (26 mins)

Preview this short excerpt from Module 5:

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Brad. I live in Australia and I teach the Feature Filmmaker program.

I have a Diploma in Screen Performance from the Film & Television Institute Fremantle and a Bachelor's Degree in Arts & Performance Studies. Although my journey into film began as an actor, I also make film and I am currently one of only 5 people in the world permitted to film on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge without supervision.

In 2010 with a small team of filmmakers, I co-produced a 90 minute Feature Film called 'Lonely'. We were quite naive and made plenty of mistakes, but we learnt from those mistakes and it inspired me to learn more about Micro Budget Filmmaking now that I knew it was possible.

Micro Budget Film School is the result of 4 years of endless research, interviews with filmmakers, running test-classes, and getting feedback from students. I pride myself on being a great teacher. It is my absolute pleasure and honour to run Micro Budget Film School and to empower filmmakers to make their own work. 

Read more of Brad's credentials here --> 

Pip Edwards


"His course is interesting, engaging, and informative!"

Pip Edwards: Actress, NIDA Graduate & Micro Budget Film School Student

Jahne Coutts-Smith


"An incredibly informative class that gives you a solid set of tools to start on your next (or first) feature film project. A simplified approach to the complicated financial, legal & logistical issues when making your own films."

Jahne Coutts-Smith: Actress & Micro Budget Film School student

Brendan Cain


"Bradley's passion and enthusiasm for the content made even the most complicated and confusing concepts digestible and interesting!"

Brendan Cain: AFTRS Graduate & Micro Budget Film School student

Pay only $47 today!

What is 'Success' for a Micro Budget Film?

The Feature Filmmaker program doesn't assume every filmmaker has the same priorities. It's important to be specific and understand the purpose of your film, since this will inform many of your decisions. Here, we are defining success as meeting any or all of following 3 criteria that matter to you:

  • Critical Acclaim: producing a film that is widely accepted as being a great film.
  • Financial Success: profiting by making a greater return from the sale of a film than it cost to produce.
  • Creative Satisfaction: making a movie you are passionate about and telling the stories you want to tell.

A Micro Budget Film can target any combination of these criteria, if you design it to. It's important to have a clear vision and strategy before you embark on the challenge of making a micro budget film, and Feature Filmmaker will ensure you do.

Not only did Shane Carruth act in his film 'Primer', but he also Produced, Wrote, Directed & Edited it! All for a budget of only $7k. Incredible!
[Image copyright erpbfilm]

The cost of being a Filmmaker...

Film Degrees can cost well over $50,000+ in student fees... and they still won't prepare you for the harsh reality awaiting you once you graduate: how do you make your own films without the school's equipment, when you don't have money?

When you study for a Film Degree, you will get access to amazing camera gear, lights, sound equipment, free crew members (other students), and more-- altogether worth 100's of thousands of dollars. You'll end up making short films that you wouldn't afford without the Film School's equipment.

Then, when you graduate, you're expected to continue to make films... with nothing! And no-one is going to magically gift you the money you need to hire the people and equipment to get a movie made!

Look- I'm not here to tell you whether getting a Film Degree is the right or the wrong thing to do. I'm here to tell you that you need to know how to make your own films when money is tight, when you are in the harsh reality of the real world.

Or else you'll do what most film graduates do:

You'll never make a film again.

Understanding Micro Budget Filmmaking is a necessary step. Whether you've been to film school or not.

And the Feature Filmmaker program costs only a fraction of what a Film Degree would...

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    13+ Hours of Video Lessons
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    8 Week Online Course
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    Lifetime Access to all 24 Course Videos
  • check
    Downloadable Production Documents

All For Only:
 $47 weekly / 8 weeks

Or one-time payment:

Prices in USD, excluding tax. Instalments price total = $376

Enrolments for the Feature Filmmaker Program close in:

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"Still not sure if this course is right for you? Then let it speak for itself.

If you're not satisfied within 20-days, you can get 100% of your money back. Feature Filmmaker is designed to help filmmakers- and if it doesn't help you, I'll make sure you never wasted any of your money.

20-Days will get you through 3 weeks of the course, and the third week is one of my favourites. So dive in and see for yourself!

A lot of hard work has gone into building this program. I want to make sure you can believe in this program as much as I do."

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All the things you need to know after you've written your film and thinking "now what?". Better yet, do this class before you write that script!

Sam Wang: Director, writer, actor, designer.

Adam Dallas


"Informative, up-to-date guide on how to schedule, budget and distribute a micro budget film - Invaluable information. Definitely recommend. It's presented in a logical manner of steps to go through"

Adam Dallas: Writer, Producer, Director.

Shannon Browning


"All the stuff no-one thinks about, but absolutely should. This course gave me a little of my confidence & desire to make movies back."

Shannon Browning: Filmmaker at Shann Studios

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