The 2-Day Micro Budget Filmmaking Class

...teaches an approach to feature filmmaking that is achievable and affordable for anyone"

Josh MageeClass Attendee & AFTRS graduate

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What is a Micro Budget Film?

A Micro Budget Film is a feature length film (90+ minutes) that is strategically designed to be affordable to produce. Although industry professionals consider a Micro Budget as about $250k maximum, the 2-Day Micro Budget Filmmaking Class teaches how it can be done for $5k – $50k including how to get that money.

It doesn’t require investors, and it doesn’t require selling your soul. What it does need though, is a clear understanding of how the film business works, including how to sell a film regardless of what it cost.

Gareth Edwards’ first feature film ‘Monsters’ cost a rumoured $15k to shoot. After the film's success, he was asked to direct the $160 million ‘Godzilla’ remake.
[Image copyright Vertigo Films]

Why make a Micro Budget Film?

It’s fun to watch multimillion dollar blockbusters and to dream about making them. But no filmmaker ever gets the chance to make those films until they’ve proven what they can do with small budgets. If you look at the careers of any established filmmaker, you’ll notice that they almost always start out by making Micro Budget Films.

In fact, 98% of students of Micro Budget Film School ticked ‘Strongly Agree’ to the statement: “making film on a small budget is a necessary stage for career filmmakers”. And this belief is backed many great filmmakers:

The best advice I can offer… is not to wait for the system to finance your projects and for others to decide your fate. If you can’t afford to make a million-dollar film, raise $10,000 and produce it yourself.

Werner Herzog, legendary German Director

It’s a great time to be a filmmaker starting out. Back when I was starting, even a low budget film required hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now it can be done for virtually nothing. I encourage you to make movies and keep making them”

Jon Favreau, respected Hollywood Director

Well, if it’s so important… why is there such little information on how to do it right and do it cheap?


The 2-Day​

2-Day Micro Budget Filmmaking Class

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Kitty HopwoodAssistant Director for feature film, 'Rough Stuff'


This class gave me real tools and a broad understanding of how to actually create my film, from concept through to distribution. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone with an interest in film!"

Noel VinsonFilmmaker and Graduate of QLD school of Film & TV


The stuff they don't go into in Film School. If someone is serious about filmmaking, this will arm them with the knowledge they need to be a true auteur. Do it!"

No classes currently scheduled, but get the free Film Producer pack and we'll notify you of the next class in your area:

What is the 2-Day-Class?

The '2-Day Micro Budget Filmmaking Class' is a weekend class that takes you through the Micro Budget Model, a reusable plan that all filmmakers can use to make affordable films and sell them to audiences. This model is a skeleton template for an entire feature film production on a budget of less than $50k, including how to get your production money. The class teaches the 12 different funding options legally available to a micro budget filmmaker and how to use them to meet your budget.

The 2-Day-Class is broken up into 8 sessions: two in the morning and two after lunch on both days. The Sessions on Day 1 will define everything you need to prepare your micro budget film, including calculating costs, legal agreements, and how to get your production money. The Sessions on day 2 will define what to do with your film when it's done, including how you can distribute your film and what returns you can get expect from selling.​

Film Development

Session 1 & 2

Learn to tailor your production to suit a micro budget, and legally protect yourself.

Film Budgeting

Session 3 & 4

Discover how to calculate and raise your production funds, and schedule your shoot.

Film Marketing

Session 5 & 6

Come up with a marketing plan to build hype around your film and attract the right attention.

Film Marketing

Session 7 & 8

Learn about Distribution Deals, and how to sell your film to paying audiences.

The Importance of Doing it Right

The problem emerging filmmakers face is that simply throwing together the cheapest film you can without any sort of strategy isn't going to find you any success. You risk producing another lacklustre film like many before you that fails to find an audience and is money misspent, wasting $10k, $20k or $50k+, whatever your micro budget may be.

At a bare minimum, you need a business plan and an understanding of how to target film distributors - and all of this is covered in the 2-Day-Class. On top of that, you need to understand which costs can be cut without sacrificing quality, and which can't. There is a lot more to it than just getting a film together and "putting it out there to see what happens", and the 2-Day-Class will provide you with all the necessary tools to do it right.

Oscar winner Darren Aronofsky began his career with feature film ‘Pi’, made for only $60k, which sold for $3.2 million in USA alone!
[Image copyright Protozoa Pictures]

No classes currently scheduled, but get the free Film Producer pack and we'll notify you of the next class in your area:

What You Will Learn:

This class focuses on the business of being a filmmaker and will include everything from:

  • The cheapest way to start your production company
  • How to design a film story that suits a micro budget
  • An easy approach to negotiating cast & crew agreements
  • Scheduling and budgeting efficiently
  • The 12 ways to legally get your production money
  • How to sell your film
  • Building Hype: affordable film marketing
  • Festival entry strategies
  • Attracting and signing with distributors
  • Understanding film sale cashflow
  • Self-Distribution Methods

Is this class for me?

This class is designed to suit the limited resources of an emerging filmmaker early in their career. It is recommended attendees have some experience in filmmaking since the class assumes a basic knowledge of production workflow, but this is not a requirement.

You do not require a script or story idea either. The class includes a development guide to help you devise a story suited to the Micro Budget Model. This is the stuff they don't teach in film school but is invaluable for an emerging filmmaker.

Ngaire O'LearyGraduate of WAAPA & Sydney Film School


A comprehensive & practical look at how to budget, fund and find an audience for your micro budget film. If you are figuring out how to finance your micro budget film and how to market & distribute it, this is a very useful class!

Justina WardFilm Producer and WAAPA Graduate


This course will inspire you to believe in yourself and make you realise you can and have to be the one to start your own career.

Andreas ToumbasClass Attendee


One of the most important classes a filmmaker can take to jump that ship from short films into features. This class is a no-fills insight into the importance of making a micro budget feature film.

What is 'Success' for a Micro Budget Film?

The 2-Day-Class doesn't assume every filmmaker has the same priorities. It's important to be specific and understand the purpose of your film, since this will inform many of your decisions. Here, we are defining success as meeting any or all of following 3 criteria that matter to you:

  • Critical Acclaim: producing a film that is widely accepted as being a great film.
  • Financial Success: profiting by making a greater return from the sale of a film than it cost to produce.
  • Creative Satisfaction: making a movie you are passionate about and telling the stories you want to tell.

A Micro Budget Film can target any combination of these criteria, if you design it to. It's important to have a clear vision and strategy before you embark on the challenge of making a micro budget film, and the 2-Day-Class will ensure you do.​

Not only did Shane Carruth act in his film 'Primer', but he also Produced, Wrote, Directed & Edited it! All for a budget of only $7k. Incredible!
[Image copyright erpbfilm]

No classes currently scheduled, but get the free Film Producer pack and we'll notify you of the next class in your area:

Who Teaches the 2-Day Class?

Hi, I'm Brad and I teach the 2-Day Micro Budget Filmmaking Class.

Although my journey into film began as an actor, I also make film, though I've taken a long time off to focus on teaching. I have a Diploma in Screen Performance from the Film & Television Institute Fremantle and a Bachelor's Degree in Arts & Performance Studies. In 2017 and 2018, I was one of only 5 people in the world permitted to film regularly on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Back in 2010 with a small team of filmmakers, I associate-produced a 90 minute Feature Film called 'Lonely'. We were quite naive and made plenty of mistakes, but we learnt from those mistakes and it inspired me to learn more about Micro Budget Filmmaking now that I knew it was possible.

Micro Budget Film School is not just the result of my own experience, but rather the result of 4 years of endless research, interviews with filmmakers, meetings with entertainment lawyers and other professionals. It's so much more than one person's insight. I pride myself on being a great teacher and it is my absolute pleasure to run Micro Budget Film School and to empower filmmakers to make their own work. 

Read more of Brad's credentials here --> 

Pip EdwardsNIDA graduate, actress, and Class attendee


... and his course is interesting, engaging and informative!

Jahne Coutts-SmithClass attendee & Actress


An incredibly informative class that gives you a solid set of tools to start on your next (or first) feature film project. A simplified approach to the complicated financial, legal & logistical issues when making your own films.

Brendan CainAFTRS graduate & class attendee


Bradley's passion and enthusiasm for the content made even the most complicated and confusing concepts digestible and interesting.

Christopher Nolan famously made his first feature film, 'The Following', on a micro budget of $6k, and used it to create the opportunity for his next film, 'Momento'.
[Image copyright Next Wave Films]

The industry will not beat a path to your door… not until you are a well-known and profit making film director- you must prove yourself.”

- Directing: Film Techniques & Aesthetics, 5th Ed. Focal Press.

  • 8 x 1.5 Hour Sessions
  • 12 Hours of Content
  • Legal, Financial, Marketing & Distribution Training
  • Template for a feature film

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No classes currently scheduled, but get the free Film Producer pack and we'll notify you of the next class in your area:

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Class Details

This class is currently being held in Australia.

When: TBA.

Where: TBA.

No classes currently scheduled, but get the free Film Producer pack and we'll notify you of the next class in your area:


"It is important to me that you get answers from this class- so much so that if you don’t, I’ll give you 100% of your money back. This class is designed to help filmmakers- and if you don’t think it does, I will make sure you never wasted any of your money.

"You are welcome to attend THE ENTIRE CLASS and if at the end you’re still not fully satisfied with the value of the class- then just let me know in person before you leave and you’ll receive a full 100% refund. I offer this to show you that I stand behind the value of this course."

Sam WangDirector, Writer, Actor, Designer


All the things you need to know after you've written your film and thinking "now what?". Better yet, do this class before you write that script!

Adam DallasWriter, Producer, Director


Informative, up-to-date guide on how to schedule, budget and distribute a micro budget film - Invaluable information. Definitely recommend. It's presented in a logical manner of steps to go through.

Shannon BrowningFilmmaker at Shann Studios


All the stuff no-one thinks about, but absolutely should. This course gave me a little of my confidence & desire to make movies back.

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No classes currently scheduled, but get the free Film Producer pack and we'll notify you of the next class in your area:

Secure booking through Paypal or Stripe

Tickets cancelled less than 2 days before the class will not be refunded. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact us.

"I make sure attendees at my classes feel welcome and comfortable, no matter their background. I hope you can make it, and that I have the chance to show you that you can and must be the one to take charge of your filmmaking career!"

- Bradley Stevens

PS: This class is continuously improving based on student feedback. As more time and effort goes into updating the class, the price may increase proportionally to reflect the increased value. If you are unable to take the class at this time, I cannot guarantee this price next time.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions​:

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Will my film sell?

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