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How much your Micro Budget Film should cost and why it doesn't matter

By Bradley Stevens | Budgets

If you've been kicking around in the film world, you've probably heard the term 'Micro Budget' come up, along with other phrases like 'No Budget', 'Big/ Mega Budget', and similar. Most of these terms are very general and no-one really defines what exactly they are, but they are usually thrown around as a way to measure the scale of a film.

The idea is pretty simple: no-one will trust you to be responsible on a big budget film until you've first proven yourself on a smaller scale. And that 'smaller scale' film? Often that's a Micro Budget Film.

But it's easier to think of a number to start. So let's look at the generally-accepted 'cost' of a Micro Budget Film:


The Short-to-Feature Film Gap: why it's important to cross carefully

By Bradley Stevens | Budgets

Do you know anyone who has sold a short film? I know only 1 person that has. Only one. They spent somewhere around $3000, submitted it to 80+ film festivals, and got 1 buyer. Germany bought the rights to screen the film god-knows-where, and what did they pay?


To the average businessperson, filmmaking is a stupid idea. Business people will make an assessment on the viability of a business based on ROI- "Return On Investment". Making $650 off a $3000 investment is not smart business. That's just over 21% revenue. That's a 78% LOSS on investment. Ouch.


What They Don't Want You To Know About Film Budgets

By Bradley Stevens | Budgets

Do you research film trivia after you've seen a film? I do. Right after seeing a movie, I jump on wikipedia and look for the budget. It's right there under the poster, with some release information.

$65 million. $32 million. $14 million.

But here's a question-- do you think that is the actual budget? Do you think that is really what the film cost? If you didn't already know, then I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you: that number is complete garbage.