Hooking Audiences

4 Modules 9 Lessons

About this course

There is no single skill more important for a filmmaker than their ability to captivate an audience.

You've watched movies made with multi-million dollar budgets that were boring. And at the other end, you might have been fortunate to see micro budget productions that kept you glued to the screen and on the edge of your seat.

But what is it that makes a TV show binge-worthy? Or a movie utterly captivating?

It's psychology. At the heart of a 'hook' is the science of the human mind, and in this mini-course, you'll learn:

  • The science and biology of human attention
  • How to craft dialogue, stories and scenes that fascinate viewers
  • The major mistakes of a failed hook, and how to avoid them
  • How to visually hook and get captivating performances from your actors

Hooking Audiences is a fully-loaded, jam-packed mini course that teaches a film and story strategy that most entertainment industry amateurs are lacking.

Course Structure

3 Lessons

Module 1: How Films Can Hook Audiences

Introducing the core psychology of human attention, the hook. Once you grasp the science of the hook, you'll learn to build your films around them to create content your audiences crave.

What Exactly is a Hook?

Start by identifying what exactly is a hook and why understanding and using them is vital to launching a filmmaker's career.

The Psychology Of A Hook

There is a science behind what hooks the human mind. To understand that science, we'll dive in to some famous experiments and the interesting conclusions they reveal.

Dramatic Questions

Now that we know the science of a hook, how do you apply it to filmmaking? The secret comes down to understanding dramatic questions

2 Lessons

Module 2: Mistakes To Avoid

There are two mistakes that prevent a dramatic question from hooking an audience. If you've ever watched a film or TV show that felt boring, it's guaranteed they were making one of these mistakes.

Mistake Number One

Once again, we let the psychology reveal the biggest mistake that will cause your film to bore audiences and leave them unimpressed.

Mistake Number Two

The second common mistake is built upon human relationships, and without it, your characters will never interest an audience.

3 Lessons

Module 3: Improving Your Hooks

You've got the basics down: now it's time to level up the degree to which your films hook your audiences.

Performance That Hook

Some performances are captivating... others are not. What is it that leads to capturing an audience? Let's have a look

Creating Visual Hooks

Audiences can be hooked visually as well. The same psychology can apply to your shot selection and order in the edit.

Linking Your Hooks

It's not enough to have a single hook; you need many. But how do those hooks work together? And how can you drive them to one centralised conclusion?


The Office

As the number 1 most-streamed TV show ever, The Office (U.S.) is a great example of how to build instant connection with an audience through the use of hooks.